The O.C.. (I miss)

-Ryan and Marissa from the O.C. -the song is “Forever young”

Sam – Swedish Idol 2007 ;-)

Yeah.. I like:

Swedish TV-girl Eva Nazemson throws up on live TV!

The hostess of the Swedish accidentally vomiting in the middle of the live-TV game show ‘Nattliv’ on national television. Suddenly, in the middle of a call she throws up.

When she comes back into the TV screen she explain over and over again that she is in her period right now, and it’s live television so anything can happen, with a smile..

A nice walk :-)



The best with Sweden is IKEA and H&M.. I’m addicted to those 2 stores!

Our latest purchase from IKEA is this lovely red leather sofa:

red sofa “Klippan” 4495 SEK (678,80 USD)

-I write some more later this day. Now we are going out for a walk with our son.

The sun is shining and I guess it’s about 18 degrees above zero 🙂

-Hello world!

Welcome to my blog “Snexig”! This is my first post 🙂